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"Runners world" - a unique portal where you will find races at any distance in all corners of the world. For more than a year we have been drawing up a map of the races to unite the fans of the race all over the planet and, without false modesty, to make this world a little better.

We sincerely love running. This is the simplest and most accessible way for everyone to improve their health, a chance to challenge themselves and achieve goals that at first seem incredible. Participation in races is an opportunity to go around the world to run side by side with enthusiasts from different countries, see thousands of cities, join charitable events and win high awards.

Races are held on all continents - from small towns in the heart of Africa to the deserts of Antarctica. Running fans overcome the Great Wall of China, finishing on its top, conquer the greatest deserts of the planet and snow gorges, run alongside penguins, giraffes, buffaloes, lions and rhinoceroses.

Our base of races is the largest in the world: it contains data on 32 100 starts. We have collected detailed information about each race and gradually translate it into English. Here you will find contact information for the race organizers, photos and videos, contacts, links to the site and pages in social networks.

With the help of the portal "Runners world" you can easily create your running calendar, find races in Russia and abroad. It is convenient for us to plan participation in races during a vacation or business trip, as well as leave and business trips taking into account the races :)

All this is free. And it will always be free

Coming races in the world

29.09.2023 !

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