Plyos marathon "Secret Russia"

Plyos marathon "Secret Russia"

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Plyos marathon "Secret Russia"

City Ples
Race type Trail  
11.07.2021  !
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Distances 500 meters
1 km
10 km
21.1 km
Price800-2000 RUB. 

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Registration is at official website

Electronic registration ends at 23:59 GMT time 04.07.2017 years or sooner if you reach the limit of the number of participants

Start-up package

July 8, 14.00 - 19.00

Plyos, Sovetskaya street, 55, Tea.

July 9 9:00

ples, pierce the Villa "Fortecia".

Issuing starter packs ends half an hour before the start!

Starter pack

  • T-shirt
  • Starting number
  • Individual chip timing
  • Dressing pack
  • Room for a dressing package
  • Pins for attaching numbers

Documents for getting a starter pack

  • The document proving the identity and age
  • Original or copy (if the original) the certificate of the medical organization with the signature and seal of the doctor, which must be specified that the member admitted to the Event and physical training without restrictions

Medical certificate

You must provide a medical certificate which must be stated that the member admitted to the Event and physical training without restrictions; the certificate should be issued not earlier 23.01.2017 year.

The race

The race is held in Ivanovo region, ples, Lenina str.


  • 09:00 – Opening start-finish town start issuing starter packs
  • 10:00 – Grand opening of Plyos marathon "Secret Russia"
  • 10:04 – the Gathering and support of the participants at a distance of 1 mile to the start
  • 10:16 – Construction of the participants at a distance of 1 mile
  • 10:20 – Start of race 1 mile away
  • 10:32 – Building parties for children distance of half a mile
  • 10:35 – Start of children's race on the half-verst
  • 10:41 – awarding of the winners of the race 1 mile away in the overall classification
  • 10:46 – Warm-up for participants in a distance of 10 and 20 miles
  • 10:55 – Construction of the participants at 10 and 20 miles
  • 11:00 – Start distances of 10 and 20 miles
  • 12:00 – Rewarding of winners of the race 10 miles in absolute offset
  • 13:05 – winners of the race 20 miles in absolute offset
  • 14:20 – the End of Plyos marathon "Secret Russia"

Helpful information

Attention! Track Plyos marathon "Secret Russia" is not simple.

  • Present trail station. Most likely, You soak the feet, since the river Shohonka will have to Wade across. And part of the track (about one mile) will be held at the forest ground.
  • Throughout the course there will be great changes in elevation. Landscape changes and 50 meter hills is the best daily trainers without a break!
  • A variety of plating on the track. We have already mentioned about the soil and even a river Ford. Will also meet the asphalt paving. Think about what kind of shoes to wear!

At distances of 10.67 km 21,34 km away the food items available to participants. Feeding stations are located every 5.5 km of the route.

Distances information

Distance includes 4 types of races:

  • "Half a mile" - 533,4 m
  • "Daisy" - 1,07 km
  • "10 miles" - 10,67 km
  • "20 miles" - 21,34 km

Requirements for participants

To participate in the Event is open to runners who register on official websitewith the appropriate training and passed the preliminary medical examination and be approved by a doctor.

To participate in the race "the half-verst-533,4 m" are persons from 7 to 11 years (inclusive).

To participate in the race "the Mile-1,07 km" allowed persons over the age of 12 (inclusive).

To participate in the run "10 miles-10,67 km" persons 16 years and older (inclusive).

To participate in the race "20 miles-21,34 km" allowed persons over 18 years of age (inclusive).

Participants aged 7 to 17 years (inclusive) admitted to an Event accompanied by an adult: legal representative or a team leader.

The participant is obliged to present the document confirming powers of the lawful representative.



Phone: 89611193456