Nikola-Lenivets Winter Wild Trail

Nikola-Lenivets Winter Wild Trail

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Mark bright carnival and Wake yourself up after winter hibernation: snowy and the treadmill, where a sea of emotions, cries of “Oh” and “Oh wow”

City Nikola Lenivets
Race type Trail
28.02.2021  !
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Distances 11 km
21 km
42 km
Price2000-4500 RUB. 

Nikola-Lenivets Winter Wild Trail: photos

Nikola-Lenivets Winter Wild Trail: video

Distances information

11 km: a Quick warm:

The level of "rare". A picturesque track, passing through the plains of Nikola-Lenivets by major art objects. A little forest trails, a bit of virgin lands. In General, balance and harmony. That's just all that needs to be overcome through the drifts!

21 km: Between us melts the ice:

The level "medium". To the highway 11 km symmetric loop added another 10 km and Then the fun begins! The forest road through the snowy expanse, a couple of blockages, a lot of virgin land, one severe ravine. Love the packaging, and even more!

42 km: Snow madness:

The level of "well done". The route consists of 2 laps of 21 km. If you like pain, then welcome! On the course you may encounter various difficult emotions: despair, heroism. Here you have to face yourself and overcome yourself.

Set the following limits on the distance:
a) 2.5 hours for the distance of 11 km;
b) 4.5 hours for the distance of 21 km;
C) 8 hours for a distance of 42 km.

Requirements for participants

The day of the race party the race of 11 km must be 16 years of age, for distances of 21 and 42 km — 18.


Anton Zhilin:

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