Trail race "the Fall Challenge"

Trail race "the Fall Challenge"

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Trail race "the FALL CHALLENGE" in Kostomuksha

City Kostomuksha
Race type Trail  
The race is no longer held
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Distances 1 km
1.5 km
2.5 km
3 km
5 km
7 km
Participants130 человек 

Trail race "the Fall Challenge": photos

Trail race "the Fall Challenge": race description

"AUTUMN CHALLENGE" is a race over rough terrain, with elevation changes (slopes, lifts), where the maximum lifting height and 24.3 m, and the total number of ascents and descents on the 5-and 7-kilometer distance is 248 m.!!!

"AUTUMN CHALLENGE" is an opportunity to check yourself for strength, endurance, patience, experience the competitive spirit !!!

"AUTUMN CALLING" is a kind of sports festival for the residents of our city, where you can not only participate, but to just be a fan. It is also possible have fun with the whole family in the fresh air, discover something new, learn more about unconventional sports.


Registration of participants 03.09.2017 will be held at the venue competition from 10.20 am.

Start-up package

The delegate package can be obtained at the registration at the venue competitions.

Starter pack

  • silicone bracelet with logo competitions;
  • number of participant with a color difference of 5 or 7 km away (a room attached to the chest);
  • pins for attaching numbers on the chest;
  • the circuit events;
  • promotional materials;
  • water at the finish.

The race

start and finish at the starting Polyana ski base Kostomuksha.


  • 10.20 - Registration and obtaining of numbers and starter packages.
  • 11.40 - Warm-up.
  • 11.50 - Solemn opening of Competitions.
  • 11.55 - Building of participants in the starting area.
  • 12.00 - Joint start of the main races (men and women) at 5 and 7 km.
  • 12.05 - Start boys and girls 1 km..
  • 12.10 - Start boys and girls 1.5 km..
  • 12.15 - Start of boys and girls 2.5 km..
  • 12.20 PM – Start of boys and girls in 3 km..
  • 12.20 - closure of the start zone.
  • 13.00 - finish the race.
  • 13.30 - Rewarding of winners and prize-winners of the race.

Distances information

Distance races: 1 km, 1.5 km, 2.5 km, 3 km, 5 km, 7 km away.

Race requirements

The total limit of participants at distances of competitions 5 and 7 km is 130 people;

  • 100 participants at a distance of 5 km.
  • 30 participants at a distance of 7 km.

Requirements for participants

To participate in the race at 5 and 7 km open to all interested persons 16 years and older.


  • phone: +7(921)0181611
  • e-mail: