Patriotic race "Our victory"

Patriotic race "Our victory"

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Big Patriotic celebration Race "Our Victory"
City Sochi
Race type Trail
02.05.2021  !
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Distances 1945 meters
75 km
9 km
1 km

Patriotic race "Our victory": photos

Patriotic race "Our victory": video

Distances information

1945 – "Victory Year"
The minimum age for children 0+Children. Family. Classes. Sports sections and clubs. Massive race not on speed, but on participation. Mandatory course to all participants of the Festival. Take your flag and run. Can't escape - go. At the highest point – the FLAG of OUR VICTORY, flask of spring water

9 km – "Victory Day"
The minimum age for children 14+
The race for those wishing to try their hand at a complex terrain. For athletes and prepared lyuiteley running. Not for speed but for participation.

75 km from "Anniversary of Victory"
Minimum age of participants 18+
The distance laid on rough terrain, where team members overcome natural obstacles.
The team in total runs 75 km.

1 km – "guerrilla trail"
The minimum age for children 14+
Obstacle course with a length of 1 km. If you force yourself to put on the full!

Requirements for participants

At all distances there are age restrictions:

  • 1945 – at least 5 years (with mandatory parental involvement).
  • 9 km – at least 16 years old
  • 74 km - at least 18 years old

All participants must not have contraindications to sports.


Contact the organizers

Project Manager
Shuklin Sergey

Race Director
Funtyakov Vladislav

Project Manager
Papandopulo Irina

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