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Spring ecological tourist trail race over rough terrain to the snow surface "Onion SNOW TRAIL II"

City Shiryaevo
Race type Trail  
28.02.2021  ! 
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Distances 5 km
10 km
15 km
30 km
50 km
70 km
600 meters

Distances information

Distance: 600 m, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 30 km, 50 km, 70 km away.

The track surface is Groomed with a snowmobile the snow, sometimes soft, sometimes when you off the snow can be knee-length and above. You have to keep the snowmobile trails are. And part of the route is about 1 km from the village Shiryaevo and near the village of Podgora.

Route: route Marking with warning tape, paint and signs of movement.

On the highway set the following limits on the distance:

  • 12 hours for a distance of 70 K; (checkpoint 40 km – 7 hours)
  • 9 hours for a distance of 50 K; (checkpoint 20 km – 3.5 hours)
  • 7 hours for a distance of 30 K;
  • 4 hours for the distance of 15 to
  • at the distance of 10 K and 5 K no limits


Director LUKE SNOW TRAIL: Anton 89164750401

Support and registration of participants: Elena Praslova 89178164810,


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