Highmark Quad Games

City Edinboro
23.04.2023  !
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Highmark Quad Games: race description

Join us for the 34th Annual Highmark QUAD Games!

Fun for the whole family

Since they began in 1983, the Highmark QUAD Games have been the region&rsquo,s premier fitness program with four year-round events designed to keep you and your family in great shape. For more than 30 years, the Highmark QUAD Games has offered this one-of-a-kind, fun and unique way for community members to have a greater hand in their health.

Events are designed for participants of all levels. For those interested in testing their athletic skills, the Highmark QUAD offers a competitor level with timed results and event awards. For those looking for a fun way to stay healthy all year, the Healthy Lifestyle Category lists all results alphabetically and encourages you to approach the Highmark QUAD and its four events as short-term fitness goals that bring variety and fun to your physical activity.

While the Highmark QUAD Games have made a number of area athletes household names, thousands of others have learned to cross-country ski, swim, cycle and run. Whatever your approach, every participant that crosses all four finish lines is recognized for their yearlong commitment to health and is presented with a special long-sleeve Highmark QUAD Champion Shirt. This shirt can&rsquo,t be purchased and is a prestigious reward for the effort you&rsquo,ve made during the four seasons of Highmark QUAD Games..

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