The Maine Adventure Relay

City Freeport
23.09.2023  !
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The Maine Adventure Relay: race description

The Maine Adventure Relay is a 200 + mile relay event featuring 36 relay legs, with participants following a figure 8 course as they tour the beautiful parts of Maine. The course begins with the beautiful coast, runners then take in views of gorgeous Maine lakes, then it&rsquo,s on to the foothills of western Maine before returning to LL Bean for the half way check point. Leaving Discovery Park for the second loop, teams will then tour some river scenery and coastal wonders before returning to LL Bean in Freeport to celebrate their accomplishment of the LL Bean Maine Adventure with wonderful music, food and camaraderie!
MAR is a fantastic event that really is about three things, 1- Passion for the outdoors and the beautiful Maine landscape 2- Healthy lifestyles 3- Friendship and comradery. In the process we get to make a serious and lifesaving difference in the lives of those confronted with terminal illness as well as childhood obesity.
A relay race is a team-oriented event. Each team consists of either twelve runners and two vehicles or six runners and one vehicle (Ultra Teams). The Maine Adventure Relay is approximately 200 miles divided into 36 sections, called 'legs'.

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