Run Like a Dog! 5K Run/Walk

City Gonzales
22.04.2023  !
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Run Like a Dog! 5K Run/Walk: race description

All proceeds benefit funding a DIABETIC AWARENESS DOG for Abbie Dolezal

Abbie Dolezal is a fun loving, 16 year old student diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in October of 2010. Abbie&rsquo,s family has been able to purchase Shado, a puppy that will eventually become a Diabetic Alert Dog, through the overwhelming blessing of God and generous donations, but is still in need of more funds to train him. Diabetes Alert Dogs (DAD) can smell a diabetic&rsquo,s blood sugar dropping or spiking out of range, and alert their diabetic owner/handler in advance of a crisis. DADs are trained to &ldquo,alert&rdquo, their owner at the onset of a change in their body&rsquo,s chemistry and to keep alerting them until the condition is corrected or until they receive the help they need. This is especially important during the night because many people can sleep through a monitor&rsquo,s beeps and alarms. This Diabetic Alert dog will provide a peace for Abbie&rsquo,s family knowing that he will alert her in time to prevent insulin shock. .&rdquo, He will help her do this by alerting her throughout the day or night as needed, allowing her to live a longer and healthier life.

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