Ruck n&#39, Run 5K

City Lubbock
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Ruck n&#39, Run 5K: race description

The money raised at this event will be used to achieve our service projects that help disabled veterans in our area, to help fund a scholarship for veterans on our campus, and to send students in our organization to leadership conferences and summits to help further the success of the Veterans of Faith as well as their own outside of the military.

This event is a 5k (3.2 miles) FUN RUN, however, we wanted to add a military twist by allowing our participants to have the option to either RUN the 5K or RUCK it. RUCKing is carrying a weighted backpack, on your back, while walking at a quick pace. Military standards are 40-45 lbs. packs while maintaining a 15:00 minute per mile pace or 4 m.p.h. This is supposed to be fun, and since not everyone has carried 40-45 lbs. on their back, which is a lot, we will let you choose how you want to perform this event.

RUCKing 5k: Everyone participating in the RUCK will carry as much or as little weight as you feel comfortable with, but 45lbs will be the limit. We will have 5lb bags to add to you pack if you wish to increase the weight. BACKPACKS ARE NOT INCLUDED. THIS IS A B.Y.O.P. event.


Please come and support this great cause.

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