Escape From Temple - Zombie Challenge

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29.10.2022  !
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Escape From Temple - Zombie Challenge: race description

Late Registration, Will not be able to receive a t-shirt but will receive a custom race medal 

WARNING: A freight train has crashed in Temple and its cargo of steel drums containing bio-toxin toxic waste have exploded and emitted out an unidentifiable fume that when it comes in contact with humans it turns them into zombies. Unknown to citizens, eight zombies have grown into an army of hundreds.  Everyone who wants to live needs to Escape From Temple now.  The US Security Forces have identified Temple as an infected zone and have been ordered to shut down the city to contain the epidemic –, everyone must evacuate!  The only means to escape is passage by Amtrak train but there is another problem…, there is limited space on the train.  To reach the last train out you must make it through several zombie infected areas and 20 challenge stations while keeping at least one flag.  Only the fittest will receive a certificate to board the only train out of Temple.  Do you have what it takes to survive?


Join us at dusk (6:30 pm) on Saturday, October 29th for a Survivor’s Party with music playing to celebrate the fact you lived past the zombie apocalypse … for now anyway. 


The Course:  Begins at the point of impact at the Temple Railroad &, Heritage Museum. Participants will walk from Ave. B to the Laid Back Lounge then maneuver through the abandoned building and a vacant alleyway to get to the two block evacuation route area. The evacuation area is rugged terrain that has 15 – 20 obstacles and five zombies “,infected Zones”, that makes this challenging course one that all participants will remember.

At registration, three flags will be given to all Human challengers.  Humans entering the posted “Infected Zones) will need to avoid Zombies that are in quick pursuit of challenger’s flags, hoping to capture them and infect them with the virus.  Human Challengers will need to progress as quickly as possible through 20-course obstacles before the undead claim them as one of their own.  Human Challengers must cross the finish line with one flag in order to receive a certificate of completion.  There will also be an End of Days Survivors dance party following the race.


The Obstacles:  A series of man-made obstacles will be a little physically challenging, but far from impossible. The obstacles will test strength, speed and the teamwork between fellow survivors. Participants will need to climb, crawl, throw and leap their way to the finish line. The obstacles will include a mud pit, tunnels, slide, maze, supply hunt, and log crawl.  On yeah and there are zombies too.  This isn't boot camp!


The Choice is yours:

-Be a Runner (human) and run from the Zombies. ($20 –, Individuals) ($15 –, For a Group of 2 or more)

-Be a Zombie and pull the runner's flags as they run through your “,Zombie Zone.”,  (Free but registration is required)


Save the Date: October 29th

Start line is at the Temple Railroad &, Heritage Museum
Check In for Humans 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Check In for Zombies 3:00 pm
Race begins at 4:00 pm


Register online by October 24

$20 Humans
$15 per person for group of 2+


Late registration after October 25 and day of event

$25 Human
$20 per person for group of 2+


Pack pick up begins on Thursday, October 26th.  There are two locations, the Temple Railroad &, Heritage Museum at 315 W. Ave B. Temple Texas 76501 from 10 am to 4 or at SNAP Fitness 24-7 located at 407 E. Canyon Creek #102, Temple, TX, 76502, ANYTIME!

The purpose of the Race:  The Zombie Challenge is all about giving back to the community and saving mankind. A hundred percent of the proceeds will go to help the Temple Railroad &, Heritage Museum, a non-profit organization, raise money for youth educational programming and restoration of historical rolling stock. Help keep history and heritage alive in Temple and have a great time doing it.  Come out and show your support at this year’s Zombie Challenge! 



1. Participants under the age of 18 must bring a printed consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. We will not be able to let you participate in the run otherwise. Children under 12 years of age will not be able to participate in the Escape From Temple Zombie Challenge event.

 2. All participants must wear a race bib with their participant number clearly shown on the front of their attire.

 3. Runners/walkers must not take another runner’s flags, chase other runners or pick up flags off the ground.

 4. Runners/walkers may choose to skip obstacles. Alert a course official if you cannot complete an obstacle. If you skip an obstacle, you will still be able to finish the race.

 5. Flags must be visible to course officials and zombies. The flags may not be covered by long clothing and must be worn on the sides of the body.

 6. Runners and zombies must not have direct or intentional physical contact. Runners and zombies must not touch, hit, punch, tackle, scratch or do any other harm to each other’s physical health. Violations of the rules will automatically disqualify, runners or zombies will be escorted from the premises without a refund.

7. Teams are allowed and recommended to assist their teammates in making it through the challenge course

8. If you lose all your flags, quickly look for a triage station and drink the antidote, which will extend your life by giving you a flag. 

9. Dogs must be on a leash and will not be allowed on the challenge course but if accompanied by their owners may be spectators.

10.  Get ready to rumble! 


There is No Turning Back:  We cannot issue refunds. The cost and logistics of setting up and planning the event make refunds impossible. The run will take place rain or shine, however, please understand we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and county officials, so if conditions deteriorate to the point of becoming an unsafe environment for our participants, we will react accordingly. Events such as dangerous weather, acts of God, or an ACTUAL zombie outbreak are outside of our control.  Safety will always take precedence. Remember, all proceeds benefit the Temple Railroad &, Heritage Museum!


Join forces with the Temple Railroad &, Heritage Museum and the City of Temple against the zombie hoard to promote health and wellbeing in the central Texas region as we kick-off Fright Fest on Saturday, October 29. Give us a hand, leg or any other body part, or just sign up as a sponsor to make this spine-chilling event a success. We are offering an amazing sponsorship package.

Sponsor Benefits:

Expected attendance for the Zombie Challenge is about 300.
Exposure to over 70,000 citizens in Temple and in the surrounding areas through media and print promotions
Increased community participation in a zombie run that encourages community participation and promotes health &, wellness
Opportunity to interact with a captive audience as participants will need to rest and wait their turn on each obstacle  
Knowing your sponsorship dollars benefits the Temple Railroad &, Heritage Museum in providing educational programming and keeping the railroad depot a key historical structure



Your sponsorship of $200 entitles your company to:

Logo on promotional materials including, website, social media sites, and race registration site
Logo on the back of the event t-shirt that will be included in every participants goody bag
Logo on race video ad
Banner at start/finish line – (company provides banner)
10 ×, 10 Booth space (or larger) at your company’s sponsored race obstacle to have representative pass out company promotional materials (you are encouraged to be creative with your booth)
Name on obstacle sign
Option to place giveaways and coupons in participant’s goody bags (need 300 items by October 26th)
Unlimited opportunities for employees to be Zombies for the Zombie Challenge
One event t-shirt
Verbal recognition at Survivor’s Party
Other items considered at the request of the sponsor


Download PDF for the Sponsorship Form


Sponsor Set Up- Sponsor set-up time is between 10 AM to 4:00 PM- Must be ready to go at 4:00 PM.


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