Charity run of "night mil"

Charity run of "night mil"

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You love animals and have an active lifestyle? We invite all to join and support us in saving homeless animals!
City Moscow
Race type Road
11.09.2021  !
Social networks
Distances 500 meters
1,6 km
5 km
Price600 - 1300 

Charity run of "night mil": video

Distances information

  • "Baby tails" - 500m (distance for children aged 5 to 10 years);
  • "Tailed mile" 1.6 km (to overcome this distance can any person even without special training);
  • "Cool tail" – 5 km (for athletes and aspiring runners);

Requirements for participants

Admission to the Event is carried out in the presence of them in the list of those registered on the Organizer's website and paid a charitable contribution;

When you receive a start package, the participant shall sign the statement of familiarization with these regulations and the responsibility for their own lives and health;

For minors, signature legal representative (see paragraph 5.2.);

Participant self-assessment of the level of their training and defines his participation in the Race.


Phone: 8 (495) 203-07-24


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