Run in honor of Victory Day

Run in honor of Victory Day

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Iconic run on the Memorials of military Glory “WINNING the MARATHON”
City Tomsk
Race type Road  
12.05.2022  !
Distances 35 km  

Run in honor of Victory Day: photos

Run in honor of Victory Day: race description


Pre-registration is required on the website orgeo. Do not pre-register can remain without a number and without changing places. Main registration at the launch site from 6.30 to 7.00.

The race

The place and time of start: Tomsk, PL. South, l/b "Polytechnic". May 9, starting at 7:00.

Helpful information

Climbing procedure:

The meeting at l/b "Polytechnic".

Start with cries of "Hurrah-Ah!!!".

Small circle: l/b "Polytechnic" Camp Garden, South cemetery (5 km) – the solemn passage of the overall group. Here a group of 5 km are awarded pennants and back to l/b "Polytechnic", and the marathon group continues to run on the old highway to the village of Spasskoe a temp – to weak runner.

In the village of Spasskoe a rally at the Memorial and laying flowers.

On the way back (15km) - the competitive part, the finish on l/b "Polytechnic".

All memorials and the laying of ribbons, flowers, a moment of silence.

Distances information

L/b "Polytechnic"– the memorial in the Camp garden (placing flowers) memorial at the southern cemetery (wreath-laying, common path 5km)– the memorial in the village of Spasskoye (15km)– l/b "Polytechnic" (15km); the whole distance of 35 km.

Requirements for participants

Entry is open to residents of Tomsk and the Tomsk region nonresident and foreign citizens with appropriate training and signed the Start list about their responsibility.


KLB Kedr

Shaposhnikov Albert:

Phone: 8-913-802-62-55,

Leontiev Vasily:

Phone: 8-960-973-15-78,

Korobov Viktor:

Phone: 8-905-992-79-93


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