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Sosnovka parkrun — weekly free race for 5 km with the time

City St. Petersburg
Race type Road  
07.11.2020  !
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Distances 5 km  
Pricefree run 

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parkrun Sosnovka: race description

parkrun Sosnovka is a five-kilometer race at the time.

We all run solely for fun. Just join us and run as fast as you want!

After the finish, we chat and enjoy tea and Goodies brought in.


Registration on the website —>

You will have to register in the parkrun system only once.

Start-up package

Before you start: in the Park "Sosnovka".

Documents for getting a starter pack

Don't forget to take part in the race printed copy of your barcode. If you arrive without a barcode, your result will not be counted.

  • Do not forget to print your barcode! You will find it in the letter confirming your registration in the newsletter or in letters with the results of previous races. Or you can request a reminder letter. With phone barcode scan possible, so please be sure to bring it on the race printed copy!
  • One of the basic rules of parkrun races: "No barcode — no result". If you forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode on the race, your result will not be counted!
  • Gonna run the race for the first time? Please be sure to sign up and read the description of the track.

The race

Venue every Saturday at 9:00 am in Saint-Petersburg in the Park "Sosnovka". September 1 at 13:00

Helpful information

Stay after the race: after the race we often meet at the start, to discuss different issues related to running and not only, to enjoy combined with a hot tea and sandwiches. Join us!


Changing area: opposite the start/finish line are a few benches, where you can leave your things and change. For things during the race, looked after by volunteers, but the value is better left at home. 600 metres from the start/finish line are a toilet cubicle. Recommend you to take care of the water after the finish. At each race there is a first aid kit to provide first aid.

The nearest café is located in one kilometer from the starting point at the intersection of Jacques Duclos and Svetlanovsky prospect. Another cafe is on prospect Engels

Within walking distance from the start/finish line has sports grounds for volleyball and tennis, and free exercise equipment in the open air in the Park is a Bicycle and rollers, velomobiles in the summer are rides for the kids. In the North-Western part of the Park is the official shooting range of the Shooting Union of Russia.

On the southern corner of the "Sosnovka", near the junction of the avenues Maurice Thorez and the Svetlanov set of interesting gift from the Republic of Korea to the citizens of St. Petersburg — wooden idols Chansyn, a total of 15 pieces height of 4 meters each.

Distances information

The route of the race in the Park "Sosnovka" consists of two laps around 2500 meters. The start coincides with the location of the missed approach and finish and is located between the Playground and football field. The route goes clockwise and starts along the football field in a South-easterly direction.

The first 700 meters moving on the main track traversing the secondary path and the Main Avenue without turning anywhere. The track then makes two successive left-turn and goes wide on Beech Avenue. At Beech Avenue go straight 300 meters, cross the Avenue Jacques Duclos across. Be careful: Avenue Jacques Duclos is very popular with cyclists and families with children and dogs.

After crossing move along the narrow walkway, smoothly making a left turn. Run past the benches, crossed by secondary paths. Make a right turn, go to a shopping Mall and after 100 meters turn her to the left at a right angle. Ahead is the intersection with the Main Avenue, where the right in the direction of motion will see the considerable size of the monument in memory of the pilots of the great Patriotic war — while on the site of the Park was an airfield.

Looked and go further straight for about 300 metres, after which turn left in the direction of small fields, opposite MDM kept on forks to the left and traversed across the Avenue Jacques Duclos. There is very little to complete circle: right 200m, a sharp turning to the left, and finishing 150 meters!

Requirements for participants

The run is free, so that all the participants bear full responsibility.


Daria Anohina Event Director:

  • Phone: +7911-830-5228

The organization of the race is engaged exclusively by volunteers. Drop us an email to if you want to join them.

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