Is It Important to Train Taking into Account a Heart Rate? Is a High Pulse Dangerous?


Katya Krivosheina

Katya Krivosheina

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Good afternoon.

Is it important to run taking into account a heart rate or is it not dangerous to run at a high pulse?


Кульков Олег Сергеевич

Kulkov Oleg

Master of Sports of International class in track and field athletics, winner of the Zurich marathon, participant of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, multiple European Cup and Russian championships medalist, coach of the school “I Love Running”

Good afternoon.

Running at a high heart rate (if it is always) has the main disadvantage, namely a reduction of adaptive capabilities and cardiovascular system resources. Simply put, the effectiveness of your training is extremely low. In my opinion, when you train, anyway, you should have a goal, for instance to improve your physical fitness. Positive changes are always the strongest motivator to continue trainings.

If you underwent a physical examination and no pathologies or disorders were revealed, I see no reason to say about any high risk for health and life when you train or run at a high (it's a relative concept) pulse. But at the same time we can't talk about any progress if such approach to trainings is used.

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