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Winter Gear and Cold Weather Running Tips

Good afternoon, Oleg.

Please, recommend me winter running gear (materials, how many layers etc.).

I'd like also to get some recommendations on cold weather running.

Thank you in advance!

Running Heart-Rate Monitor (if Garmin is expensive)

Good day.

Please, give me an advice about which heart-rate monitor to select. I'm trying to keep a steady pace at 140-150 bpm.

Garmin devices are too expensive for me, but cheaper devices give false readings. I bought three devices and everything is meaningless.

Running Shoes For Concrete Surfaces For a 10 Year Old Child

My child is 10 years old; he runs on an indoor track. In summer I’m gonna bring him with me for outdoor running through the city.

Should I buy special running shoes for him, with more sufficient cushioning, for instance, as I run on concrete surfaces mainly?

Running Sunglasses Brands

Good afternoon,

I’d like to know what sports brands produce running-specific sunglasses.

Thank you in advance.

What Running Shoes to Choose to Run a Marathon?

Good afternoon.

Tell me, please, what running shoes I should choose to run a marathon?

Should a size of running shoes be more than a size of my regular shoes?

How to Dress for Winter Running

Good afternoon.

How to gear up and how to run properly in winter?

How to train for 10 and 20 km running?

Running Shoes For Running On an Indoor Track

Good afternoon.

Please, advise me what running shoes I should choose for running on an indoor track (in a stadium). I don't run a lot on the asphalt so I need running shoes for running in a stadium.

Thank you.

Running Shoes and Insoles For Flat Feet

Good afternoon, Oleg Sergeevich.

I have longitudinal flat feet, II grade. Usually, the doctors, of course, think I'm crazy because I run with a flat feet. But I know many people with the same diagnosis who run like me and don't have any problems.

I have two questions:

  1. Should I buy special running shoes which are considered as shoes for runners with hyperpronation? My experience tells me that such running shoes don't differ significantly from ones for neutral pronation.
  2. Where can I order insoles which could be used instead of usual insoles of running shoes in order to reduce potential harmful impact of running with flat feet?

Thank you!

Running on Snow or Running on an Indoor track? Winter Running Shoes

Good afternoon.

I'd like to get recommendations on winter running, especially when it is snowing.

  1. Is it advisable to run on snow?
  2. Which running shoes should I choose in order not to slip or sink into the snow?
  3. Maybe it is better to move to running on an indoor track or a treadmill in winter?
Running Shoes For Sub-Zero Weather (Walking).

Good afternoon, Oleg Sergeevich.

Thank you so much for helping beginners.

I'd like to know which running shoes (or other shoes) are suitable for training (not running but walking at a brisk pace) in sub-zero weather? 

Consultant Advised to Buy Hoka Instead of Asics

I'm choosing running shoes for regular running but I have a problem - my knees and foot hurt sometimes. I was going to choose shoes from Asics models but the consultant advised me to buy Hoka running shoes. What do you think about this brand?

Winter Running Shoes

Do winter running shoes exist? Which ones to choose?

Running Shoes From Decathlon Store

What do you think about running shoes sold in Decathlon stores? The most expensive shoes are about 4-5 thousand rubles but the question of quality and characteristics of best running shoes in this store remains.