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Isotonic Drinks or BCAA after Training?

Good afternoon.

What's better to drink after training, isotonic drinks or BCAA?

Isotonic Drinks for Teenage Running Training

My daughter is 15 years old. She does skiing but they run a lot in trainings in summer.

Does she need to use isotonic drinks on training sessions? If so, which ones? What should I pay attention to?

Runner's Diet


What should the runner's diet include (what are the most effective components)?

Tell me, please, how to eat healthy, hearty, easily and without weight gain.

Thank you!

Marathon Runner’s Diet

Could you tell about marathoner’s diet plan before a competition (during training for a marathon and just before a marathon race)?

What to eat and what's the right way to eat before a marathon?

Nutrition During a Marathon

Good afternoon.

I'd like to know your professional opinion about the nutrition during a marathon: what to take with you (gels, magnesium, energy drinks), how much and what's the order of taking?

Thank you in advance.

Nutrition and Vitamins For Half-Marathon

Good afternoon.

Please, tell me about sports nutrition or vitamins that should be taken during training for a half-marathon (if needed) and nutrition during trainings and at the race: what and when to take?

Nutrition During Marathon Training

Please, tell me about nutrition when training for a marathon?

What is better to eat during training for a marathon (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

Are the sport supplements needed?

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