What Running Shoes to Choose to Run a Marathon?




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Good afternoon.

Tell me, please, what running shoes I should choose to run a marathon?

Should a size of running shoes be more than a size of my regular shoes?


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Kulkov Oleg

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Good afternoon.

A choice of shoes for competition is always a kind of compromise between protection and running efficiency. Thick outsole provides a maximum protection but at the same time shoes weight is higher and the efficiency of push-off is lower. When you choose light shoes with a thin sole there is an increased risk of getting "heavy" legs on the first half of a marathon distance or even an injury.

Therefore, when choosing shoes for a marathon competition you should take into consideration the level of a runner (the higher the level, the more the margin of safety of a musculoskeletal system) and his weight and height indices (the more weight the higher requirements to a protection of musculoskeletal system).

A size of running shoes, especially shoes for competition, should be a little more than a size of your regular shoes. But how much more it depends on your own feeling of comfort, for me 0,5 of a size it's good. Some people wear running shoes that the one size larger but it's uncomfortable for me.

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Good afternoon, Oleg Sergeevich.

Thank you so much for helping beginners.

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Thank you!

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