Morning vs Evening: What is the Best Time To Run?




Suppose it is very popular question you hear from a beginner.

I have time to run both in the morning and in the evening (I have flexible hours and I like to sleep). I can't run early in the morning because I feel like my body is still sleeping. If I run at my average pace, heart rate during running will be 165 beats per minute in the morning and 150-155 in the evening. So, I can conclude that my body is warmed up enough in the evening and "sleeps" in the morning. Is it true?

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Кульков Олег Сергеевич

Kulkov Oleg

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Yes, the question is not unusual).

I always ask people not to ignore their own wishes and preferences. If it's more comfortable for you to run in the evening but not in the morning, that's OK. Especially when it is confirmed by objective control means and parameters. There is no need to force yourself.

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