How to Run Faster? How to Train For a Half Marathon and Marathon?




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  1. How to train to run faster? For instance, I run 5 km in 23 minutes but want in 17-18 minutes; I run 3 km in 12.50 but want in 10-11 minutes.
  2. How to train for a half marathon and marathon?


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Kulkov Oleg

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Questions you are asking concern the field of methodology and theory of physical education. In short, if you want to progress, the load should be adequate to your level of training. 

Most of your training sessions you should train in the aerobic zone (up to 150 bpm); also, you should avoid long staying in the anaerobic zone (close to your maximum heart rate). In this case, adaptation processes will be predictable and positive dynamics won't be long in coming.

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Good day.

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Thank you.

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