Demotivation after Trauma, What to Do?




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Demotivation after traumas - what to do? How not to stop running at all while you can't run?   

Is it possible to put a running technique by yourself? How to check it?


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Kulkov Oleg

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Injuries are the most frequent demotivator that can take even the hottest heads off the run. Most often, it is this "fervor" does not allow the runner to avoid injuries. It is not just about and not so much about the running technique as it's about the whole complex of mistakes. 

Traumatism is a multi-component thing! It means that an injury is caused by several reasons and running technique is not always the most frequent of them.

You should pay attention at the following:

  1. How do you begin your first trainings after a break?

Trainings should not exceed 20 minutes;

It is recommended to increase the load (intensity and extent) very slowly and gradually;

It is better to run on soft surfaces during the period of adaptation;

Running shoes with maximum protection;

To do general physical preparation exercises for strengthening of ligaments and joints;

It is better if you have objective medical information about the nature of the injury and doctor's recommendations in this regard.

If you follow the recommendations mentioned above but you are injuried again and again, then you should look at your running technique.

When analyzing a running technique, it is necessary to use video footage (preferably in a special program) and have special knowledge of this topic. If you have both, I don't see any problems to do everything by yourself. But I want to note that the topic is very difficult and often conflicting. 

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