Running with a Spinal Disk Herniation


Сметанина Ольга

Good afternoon.

May I run if I was diagnosed with a spinal disc herniation and osteochondrosis? 

I'm eager to run but I'm afraid))))But I want to run very, very much.


Кульков Олег Сергеевич

Kulkov Oleg

Master of Sports of International class in track and field athletics, winner of the Zurich marathon, participant of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, multiple European Cup and Russian championships medalist, coach of the school “I Love Running”

Good day.

The question is partly related to medicine. If you consult a doctor with these diagnoses he will probably recommend you walking or swimming as motor activity.

I don't want to be a "good coach" doing a "disservice" and expressing an opinion completely opposite to a medical one. Hernias can be different and there are five stages of ostechondrosis, after all.

But at the same time, I know many cases when these diagnoses were no obstacle for people who want to run. Meanwhile, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  1. In either case you should counsult a doctor. There are various stages and types of diseases in case of which running is indeed contraindicated.
  2. In the absence of prohibition on running you should follow the rule of gradual increase of load. You'd better start with light running (no more than 20 minutes). You should buy max-cushioned running shoes with good protection.  It is advisable to begin your first trainings with running on soft and natural coatings (parks roads). And...! It's very important to do gymnastics for spine daily, especially after trainings. All these protective measures allow you to reduce negative influence of impact load on musculoskeletal system and achieve your dream!

Wish you health!

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