Hyaluronic Acid for Cartilage Tissues Protection




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Good afternoon.

I run at least 10 km a day.

Please, tell me whether HA injections are advisable as preventive measures for cartilage tissues protection or not?


Кульков Олег Сергеевич

Kulkov Oleg

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Good day!

In my opinion, there’s no need for injections without any medical grounds. Preventive measures mean an absence of any medical grounds taking clinical aspects into consideration.

There is a wide variety of sport nutrition products that can be used for replenishment of insufficient minerals, vitamins and microelements in your body. So, sport nutrition contains sufficient enough substances for protection of cartilage tissue and musculoskeletal system.

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Old Partial Meniscal Tear

Good afternoon,

MR showed old partial meniscal tear.

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Arthrosis of I grade

Good afternoon,

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