Running and Weight Loss




Good day.

I'd like to know could I use running as a weight loss tool? I'm 182 sm tall and my weight is 98 kg but my goal weight is 80 kg.

There is belief, for instance, that weight loss is not good for power exercises as muscles grow slowly in case of lack of calories even if you eat enough protein.

  1. How does weight loss impact on running? Is it possible to both lose your weight and at the same time improve your running results?
  2. Does weight loss affect my running speed? It's easier for a light runner to run than a heavy runner, isn't it? So, it turns out that a light runner will always run faster than a heavy one, provided they have the same fitness level. Am I right?

FYI: I started running two years ago but I'm running slowly, this may be due to my weight. I run 10 km in 1:05 or within an hour sometimes.


Кульков Олег Сергеевич

Kulkov Oleg

Master of Sports of International class in track and field athletics, winner of the Zurich marathon, participant of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, multiple European Cup and Russian championships medalist, coach of the school “I Love Running”


Oh, amateurs are very competent today))). And I say without irony. You're absolutely right.

If you want to lose weight what you need: moderate motor activity and balanced nutrition. Musculoskeletal injuries are the main risk factors for people with high weight who starts running. Knees and calves just can't handle increased load and as a rule further attempts to run are stopped at some moment.

If you are already running I congratulate you! Everything will be only better in the future. I recommend you not hurry to increase the pace. Everything should happen by itself.

Weight reduction during running is not a goal in itself but just pleasant "side effect"))). 

Your results will be improved as weight decreases. But it's not just because "light" runner can run faster due to his light weight. Don't forget that excess weight affects cardiovascular system performance negatively and can cause hypertension and many other health problems as well. You will leave it behind, so, the progress in running, in the course of events, is sure to be inevitable!

Wish you every success!

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